Arcana Cup : Arcana EU Standard Cup 39, 20€ to win - Sunday, 12:15 UTC

Arcana Cup : Arcana EU Standard Cup 39, 20€ to win - Sunday, 12:15 UTC
A new website has just come to the Arcana Network ! Say hello to Arcana Cup, Arcana Gaming's new tournament platform !

We are pleased to announce the Open Beta of our brand new tournament platform : Arcana Cup !

We have organised multiple successful tournaments over the years but we never had the tools to make them both easy to manage and engaging. This has changed, behold Arcana Cup !

We are still in open beta, but if the success follows, major evolutions will come very shortly.

What can you expect right now ?

Currently, we want to focus on Hearthstone tournaments. The first one to be played through Arcana Cup will begin on April the 23rd and will be opened to the Europe region. Signing up is free.

What can you expect in the near future ?

We will of course add support to other games. That's a given. 
We will also add Seasons and more tournament types, like Paid entry and Invitational.

Paid entry tournaments will allow us to give a lot more cash to a lot more participants. We don't want paid tournaments to be overly priced so expect a rather low fee. As pointed out on Arcana Cup's website, Diamond subscribers won't have to pay for these tournaments.

Invitational tournaments will close seasons. At the end of each season, the best players will be invited to engage in a final showdown!

What do we want from you ?

Play. Play more. Play again! Give us some feedback, tell us what you liked and disliked. If we want this to work out, feedback will be key !

And more than anything, have fun !

Gourdin - 2017-04-30 13:32:29

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