World of Warcraft : Patch Notes 6.2.3 - 01/20/2016

World of Warcraft : Patch Notes 6.2.3 - 01/20/2016
Here is a list fo some fixes released for the 6.2.3 version of World of Warcraft !

Warlords of Draenor hotfixes have been published the 01/20/2016 ! Here is the patch notes :
Patch 6.2.3 Hotfixes: January 20 (Source)


  • Glory of the Pandaria Raider: Removed "Getting Hot In Here" as a requirement for completing the achievement.
  • Stamp Stamp Revolution: Characters with an immunity effect that get crushed by a stamping press should no longer incorrectly fail the achievement on Normal or Heroic difficulty.
  • Tabard of The Argent Dawn: Players who have completed the achievement are now able to re-purchase Tabard of the Argent Dawn from tabard vendors.

Character Boost

  • Fixed an issue where Seer Kazal may not appear in the Garrisons of recently boosted characters during a Bonus Event.

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