World of Warcraft : Patch Notes 6.2.2a - 09/21/2015

World of Warcraft : Patch Notes 6.2.2a - 09/21/2015
Here is a list fo some fixes released for the 6.2.2a version of World of Warcraft !

Warlords of Draenor hotfixes have been published the 09/21/2015 ! Here is the patch notes :
Patch 6.2.2a Hotfixes: September 21 (Source)

Creatures and NPCs

Tanaan Jungle

  • Remnant of the Blood Moon: To reduce the number Drained Blood Crystal needed to start the encounter, the health of the Blood Moon has been reduced to 1000 (down from 10,000).

Raids and Dungeons

Hellfire Citadel

  • Archimonde
    • The duration of Nether Corruption has been reduced to 5 seconds so it doesn't persist across multiple portal phases on Raid Finder difficulty.


Mercenary Mode

  • Players should no longer receive a bonus objective to kill a tower guardian for the wrong faction, Rylai Crestfall (Alliance) or Jeron Emberfall (Horde) while fighting as a mercenary.


  • Rescue Operation: Fixed an issue where players were unable to free captured prisoners.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent Monks from being able to use Zen Flight in areas where they were able to use other flying mounts.
  • [Requires a realm restart] Fixed an issue where the Swarming Insects debuff that prevents flight in The Feeding Pits in Townlong Steppes could persist incorrectly after leaving the area.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause characters to receive loot for the wrong class in Personal Loot mode on Mythic difficulty.

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