World of Warcraft : Patch Notes 6.2.2 - 09/08/2015

World of Warcraft : Patch Notes 6.2.2 - 09/08/2015
Here is a list fo some fixes released for the 6.2.2 version of World of Warcraft !

Warlords of Draenor hotfixes have been published the 09/08/2015 ! Here is the patch notes :
Patch 6.2 Hotfixes: September 8 (Source)



  • [Requires a realm restart] Horde characters that have unlocked the carrier for their Shipyards should now be able to visit the carrier without having it phase out.
  • Progress bars have been added to a number of naval achievements.
    • Naval Bonus Specialist/Expert
    • Naval Combat Specialist/Expert
    • Naval Siege Specialist/Expert
    • Naval Training Specialist/Expert
    • Naval Treasure Specialist/Expert

Bonus Events


  • Fixed an issue where Frigid Timewarped Prism incorrectly required an account to be flagged for Warlords of Draenor to start or complete the quest, The Unstable Prism.


Mercenary Mode

  • Fixed an issue where the score board would incorrectly display a character's original race.

Bug Fix

  • Fixed an issue where newly created Goblin and Worgen characters were incorrectly receiving their racial abilities instead of learning them through the starting experience.

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