World of Warcraft : Patch Notes 6.2.2 - 09/02/2015

World of Warcraft : Patch Notes 6.2.2 - 09/02/2015
Here is a list fo some fixes released for the 6.2.2 version of World of Warcraft !

Warlords of Draenor hotfixes have been published the 09/02/2015 ! Here is the patch notes :
Patch 6.2 Hotfixes: September 2 (Source)

Raids and Dungeons

Siege of Orgrimmar

  • Spoils of Pandaria
    • Spoils of Pandaria can now be started by 1 player (down from 5) on Raid Finder difficulty.



  • Winning an Arena Skirmish match now award 40 Honor Points and 25 Conquest Points (up from 20 Honor Points). Skirmishes continue to award bonus Honor if a match goes on for an extended period of time.
  • Mercenary Mode is now only available to level-100 characters.

Bug Fixes

  • A number of Gnomish NPCs should no longer be unfashionably early in dressing up for Feast of Winter Veil.
  • Fixed an issue with a patch of ocean between Tanaan Jungle and Ashran that could cause characters to disconnect if they fly or swim over it.

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